End the old , start the new 

It says “write your story here”.


Let’s begin with I fall in love in the first second I saw him. & Let’s end it with I’ll give up my whole life just to be with him. More explanations needed ?





Think about it. I’ll move from one place to an other, across countries and oceans to begin a new life with my fiancé.

I’ll give up my job, my apartment, and with that my independence. Is it this what i want ? Yes, I’m not giving up my independence but I start over forget about the past, forget about the pain, forget about the loneliness. I ll find a new job, and ll find my way back to my hobbies. But I’m not giving up a life, I’m already integrated in family friends and lifestyle.

So which question is bothering you ?

None. It. Is. Worth. It.

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