The hardest time.

The time you have the most thoughts, worries and strongest feelings.

I apologize ahead for feeling lonely right now and writing these letters down while watching a firework st the sky. I have a beautiful fiancé and family, friends and coworkers. But today is the day before I do my biggest decision, to quit my job and step 22 days later in a plane for crossing oceans – this will change my whole life. I want somebody to talk about it, to chear me , to motivate me. To tell me “you do the right”. You aren’t alone.

My lovely furry baby is already over sea and I miss him a lot. No one cuddles with me in the morning or welcomes me at the door. I feel lonely and sad. I miss my family and the most my fiancé. He’s 6800km away in a different time zone. Long distance relationships aren’t always easy. They are hart and strong. They show you what you love the most and brings up your biggest fears. But they show you how intense they can be too. I can’t blame him . I’m sure he has many worries and thoughts as well. He’s a good man, a very loving and carry one. One who thinks before he talks – whom wants always the best and believes in the good of a person. I can’t imagine a life whiteout him any more.

That’s why I do this step. That’s why I do the right thing. – and here we go, my lonely thoughts are gone and I feel strong enough to do this step. To do this risk.

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