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If you think at beloved things you have a huge amount you can talk about. From Family, Friends to random strangers whom made you smile. From travelling, discovering to exploring the world. From drawing, crafting to creating something new. The once who are reading my blogposts, think about what makes you realy feel beloved.

For me its all of the above. But to pick one would be for sure family. Because of them you smile, you laugh, you cry, you cheer, – because of them you show every emtion. You cant choose family till a certain point but you can be the beloved one of ur family. Dont fight with them but cheer them. Dont make them cry but makes them laugh. Dont make them sad but make them smile.
Beeing far away from my family I see almost every day how much I miss them. Little thinkgs, like a restaurant or certain situation make me remind me and almost cry because of the pain, thinking of the distance. They are about 6800 km far away. With the mariage I gained new family members. They are as much beloved family like mine. They care as much as mine and is beeing understanding threw the whole time. Thank you to my big family.  – M.

Attached pictures in a short slideshow from my hometown area in Germany. In response to Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge with the theme of Beloved

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