skyline Chicagi, Illinoi, USA (taken by compass2heart)


MOTIVATION: Enroll your goals. enroll your dreams. enroll your success. Take a second and think back, what would make you happy ? A new degree? Or a new car? Or a more healthy life? Maybe its a specific adventure you wanna live. What do you a have to do to sucess and achieve your dreams? Think about it. Think long and think about what might make you smile. What keeps you motivate, to run faster, to learn harder, or to breath longer? What keeps you by life? Enroll in a collage degree you want to achieve or maybe you in enroll in a simple knitting class or maybe its just a basic change of work you want to enroll.

Take a breath, be brave and do the step in a succesfull life, in a life you dreamed off. In a life full of joy. In a life where you are happy.

Motivate yourself to do more

PERSONALL: i enrolled to my new life, moved across oceans from europe to usa and settle down to our life with my lovely husband. It has always been my dream to move over the ocean. It was a thought in my mind which i couldnt get rid of since over 10 years. Its an highly risky thought to move, loosing job, friends, apartment and partly family. But enroll your dreams. Do what makes you happy. Be brave, and do the step.- M.

Live your dreams

A new post in response to today’s one-word prompt enroll

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