Decisions of Love

This is my first reblog. And Iam happy to share this post. Such truely words. Read more….

The Book of Life 📖

I heard today on the radio, a woman discussing her relationship issues with the RJ. Her take on the problem and the RJ’s advice got me thinking and gave me the idea for this post. When astrology comes in between your relationship, does love still conquer all? Or is faith stronger than love? Read on to know more.

Ridhi and Rahul (names changed) are two young people in a relationship. They are yet to start their careers and find a direction in life. They are very much in love but are now facing some problems. Rahul is a Manglik and Ridhi is not.

Err what? What has that got to do with anything one may ask. I was surprised too when I heard this. Isn’t it too soon to worry about this. Well, they didn’t think so. So Rahul’s parents are firm believers in astrology and he believes they may…

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