St Patrick’s day

I’m kinda late in posting, since it was this past weekend. 17th of March – but better late than never, right?

St Patrick’s Day

The Americans celebrate this day way more than every other country by far, accept Irland of cause. Caused and created by so many Irish citizens – people go on the road and celebrate this day together. One of the few only days you are actually allowed to drink in public.

Don’t forget to wear green – or you get pinched

Green beer, green lights, green clothes, green parade – here we come!

And between all the different people, staring at the green lights you seem to be invisible. Invisible between the crowd of people. Some more drunk than the other. Do they know the real meaning of St Patrick Day ?

While you feel invisible , the real meaning of St Patricks Day is invisible to the crowd of people -Whom don’t celebrate to cheer their heritage, but to have a nice beer in their hand and enjoy some socially based hours with your friends.

via Invisible

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